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Unemployment Rates Near You

March 29th, 2013

Unemployment Trend

The question, is the job market improving, is on the lips of most employers. Research conducted through the Bureau of Labor Statics database concluded that not all areas in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are improving.

BLS released metropolitan area unemployment information on March 22nd, which stated that “80 areas had jobless rates of at least 10.0%”. This was down from 85 in 2012; however when one breaks it down to their local area the unemployment situation may not look so optimistic. The data collected in the last couple of weeks for National, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Bedford, Fall River/Providence, and Barnstable Municipal Regions’ Unemployment Rates can be seen by clicking this link: April Unemployment Rates

Graphs and tables of Historical Highs and Lows around our area, states, and national are also included in link above.  Take a look and see what your area’s highs and lows are!


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