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Temporary Work Brightens Dim Labor Report

August 6th, 2012

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that temporary positions grew by 14,000 in July.  Despite this, the unemployment rate remained stuck at 8.3%.  The fastest growth in U.S. temporary payrolls in more than a year also lifted the temp penetration rate — the percentage of temps in the workforce — to its highest level in more than five years.

The good news for the country may not be as positive locally.  In the last month for which local numbers are available, June 2012, temporary jobs in Providence-Fall River remained flat.  Unemployment continued at 10.1%.

Approximately 2.5 million American jobs are classified as temporary or contract.   In an uncertain economy, employers often choose to cut their regular staff levels to the bone and hire special staff for project-based assignments.    Not all of these positions are low-end, low pay or short term.  Temporary assignments include executive consulting and temp to hire professionals.

Some analysts are predicting that temporary staffing may grow to more than 2% of the workforce in the near term.  The very growth of temporary staffing may be a good sign for the whole economy.  Temporary staffing has, in the past, been a bellwether of workforce growth and decline.   This bellwether appears to be leading us in the right direction.

Temporary Jobs Lead the Way

Growth in temporary jobs is often a indicator of workforce growth.

2 Responses to “Temporary Work Brightens Dim Labor Report”

  1. Seldon Ramos Says:

    Lookin for any shift of position

    Recent work history :
    -Masonary work
    -worked on houses in boston ,company name = P.A.C.E
    -i got my OSHAS 40 , Safety course to make sure everythings safe and secure
    -done volunteer work in dartmoth to raise money for college
    -Worked for New Direction company for the summer and helped the comunity while working
    -i work now as a grill cook , i cook food , clean , and make sure thers a safe and secure in our environment

  2. Eileen Wheeler Sheehan Says:

    Seldon Thanks for stopping by today. We’ll do what we can. Happy Labor Day

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