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Tree Hugging at ABLE

April 8th, 2011

ABLE is committed to the people we serve, the communities we work in, and the environment we share.

ABLE strives to be a responsible business in many way. Chief among these is “Tree Hugging.” In our office, we save trees by reducing our use of paper products.

1. We retrofitted our LASER printer with a duplexer to print on both sides of the paper.

2. We installed internet fax software which has eliminated 100% of our incoming faxes (they go directly to files on our computers.) We have eliminated 85% of our outgoing faxes by sending all computer generated documents directly from our workstations.

3. We provide washable cotton hand towels in place of paper towels by the sinks.

4. Ceramic mugs are available. We no long buy paper cups for coffee.

5. For our guests, we have replaced our 7 ounce water cups with 4 ounce cups. We have shrunk our cup usage but not our hospitality. After all, water is healthy for us all.

With more trees saved, there will be more water for future generations. We at ABLE are proud to be tree huggers.

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